we offer unique photography tours and workshops around northern Scandinavia.

We are based in Kilpisjärvi village which is the junction point of Finland, Sweden and Norway. 

Antti Pietikäinen and Tiina Törmänen make a team that combines years of arctic photography,  northern lights hunting and wilderness guiding experience. 

We offer one of a kind surroundings with a vast variety of landscapes and climate zones all within an one hour drive. From the vast treeless arctic desert to the Norwegian fjords. Our tours are done with minibuses and snowmobile sleighs.

Accessing the white fjells safely and effectively requires deep knowledge of the local wilderness. The harsh yet beautiful surroundings can be overcome by a snowstorm within minutes. Only locals are allowed to access the unmarked territories of Finnish Lapland. 




Antti Pietikäinen


Tiina Törmänen