we offer unique photography tours and workshops around northern Scandinavia.

Antti Pietikäinen and Tiina Törmänen make a team that combines years of arctic photography,  northern lights hunting and wilderness guiding experience.  We offer one of a kind surroundings with a vast variety of landscapes and climate zones from forest Lapland to the arctic highlands.



Antti Pietikäinen

I was born and raised in Muonio, West Lapland. I am a 3rd generation hotel owner, wilderness guide and a photographer. My great-grandfather built a camping area along the Muonio river, which since then has risen to become one of the most known activity holiday centres in Finnish Lapland.

I have been working with visitors since I was 10 years old, taking part on multi-day snowmobile safaris up to the mountains since the age of 15. My passion for photography rose while I was working on a king crab vessel in North-Norway. With the earnings I got my first DSLR camera and started photography around 2004. My passion for aurora borealis photography came in quick but this was the time that sun was heading towards solar minimum. Meanwhile I studied photography and graphic design. While the solar cycle 24 was climbing towards maximum I knew that my skills in Aurora photography could be put to good use.

Since then my family business, Harriniva has offered multiple aurora tours plus my tailor made aurora photography holidays. During these trips I was fortunate to have 100% success rate on finding the aurora borealis over 4 years time.

Now Tiina Törmänen and I have put our skills together to offer a special photography tours up in the treeless tundra where three countries come together. The unique nature and climate of Kilpisjärvi offers once in a lifetime experiences to people who travel there. 

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Tiina Törmänen

I am a photographer from Finnish Lapland with a long history in photography. I started taking pictures in 1998, a year after I moved Helsinki to study. 

Photography opportunities were limited in the early 2000s if you did not go to art school. I was making a living as a chef and kept documenting life around me with 35mm film camera.   

After living several years in southern Finland I felt a strong desire to return to the North in 2011. I used my all savings and bought a DSLR camera and moved back. One thing led to another and I started shooting nature and landscape pictures for the first time in my life.

The absence of light pollution, the landscape and nature up here are just amazing. When you are born and raised somewhere, your surroundings are normal and you don’t even think about them. You just take it all for granted. But after spending 15 years in the southern cities, I saw the North in a different light and was blown away by the beauty of what we have here.

For the last seven years, I have been crafting my skills in landscape photography, and have turned it into a profession. Early summer 2018 I started underwater photography as I felt I need to expand my photographic playfield. Now some months later I found myself hooked on scuba diving and I see myself in the future exploring underwater landscapes around the world.

It has been long journey but once you follow your passion it will lead you somewhere beautiful in the end.


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