What level of photography is required ?

Our tours are designed for photography enthusiasts with different skill levels.
In order to get as much as possible from the trip, you should know  the basics in photography and camera use.
We offer both person to person guidance for beginners and access to unique photography locations which are not easily accessible for single travellers. Rather than having a single landscape, our locations have a variety of subjects to photograph in every  direction. 


What kind of weather should I expect?

The tundra area in northern Scandinavia has 100% snow cover during winter the months. Temperatures vary between +5°c and -35 °c but usually they are between -5°c  to -25 °c . The moist sea climate doesn't reach here, so with colder temperatures the weather is clear and still. But the weather up here is also unpredictable and clouds and wind can surprise you within minutes. Near the Norwegian coast, warmer temperatures and rain can create much icier conditions


How about the Aurora borealis?

Kilpisjärvi is a prime area for northern lights hunting . Kilpisjärvi valley has its own micro climate and also divides the  warm coastal weather of Norway from the tundra climate of West Lapland. Geographically we are situated perfectly under the aurora zone. In clear weather, the northern lights can be seen almost an every day. Antti Pietikäinen has been an aurora guide for several years now. His expertise combined with the right location provides optimal chances to find the aurora borealis.


How is the daily itinerary?

Like most photography workshops we don't have a fixed itinerary. Our locations span across three countries and three climates. Most of our locations are 1 hour drive or 30 minute snowmobile sleigh ride away. Daily plans are usually made night before. This way we can make the most of the conditions for photography. We will also show you how we choose a location so that you can use this knowledge for your own future trips.


How do I get there ?

Th quickest way to reach Kilpisjärvi is via Oslo Gardermoen airport (OSL code) and from there to Tromsø (TOS code) airport.
We will organise a transfer to Kilpisjärvi from Tromsø.
The drive to Kilpisjärvi is a scenic 160km through Norwegian fjords and valleys.
For Norwegian domestic flights go to
www.sas.no, www.norwegian.no


Thermal clothing is essential for this photographic trip.
During the winter months we experience cold winds and chilling temperatures at the same time.


Please contact us if you need any winter clothing. We can offer overalls, boots, mittens, hats and gloves included in the package price.