Tiina TörmäneN

Photographer, Guide


I am a photographer from Finnish Lapland with a long history in photography. I started taking pictures in 1998, a year after I moved Helsinki to study. 

Photography opportunities were limited in the early 2000s if you did not go to art school. I was making a living as a chef and kept documenting life around me with 35mm film camera.   

After living several years in southern Finland I felt a strong desire to return to the North in 2011. I used my all savings and bought a DSLR camera and moved back. One thing led to another and I started shooting nature and landscape pictures for the first time in my life.

The absence of light pollution, the landscape and nature up here are just amazing. When you are born and raised somewhere, your surroundings are normal and you don’t even think about them. You just take it all for granted. But after spending 15 years in the southern cities, I saw the North in a different light and was blown away by the beauty of what we have here.

For the last 6 years I have been crafting my skills in arctic photography, and have turned it into a profession.

It has been long journey but once you follow your passion it will lead you somewhere beautiful in the end.

My work has been licensed and featured by Apple, Adobe, Lonely Planet, Huffington Post, Wired, Peta Pixel to name but a few.